FBI Ransomware Now Targeting Mac OS X Users

By | juli 16, 2013
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For now only Windows user have been attacked by ransomware demanding several hundred dollars to unlock their computers. The malware writers / cybercriminals know there is a growing market of Apple consumers who, for the most part, feel pretty safe about browsing the Internet on a Mac without the need for any security product or virusscanner. Cyber-criminals, well known for not re-inventing the wheel, have ‘ported’ the latest ransomware to Mac OS X, not by using some complicated exploit but rather leveraging the browser and its ‘restore from crash’ feature.

Once the Safari browser hits the FBI ransomware, which is simply a few lines of Javascript code, you appear to be infected. As it stands, Apple’s Safari browser is the one that is most vulnerable to the trojan, and Segura claims that using Google Chrome should be a safer choice. It seems that once you’re infected it’s not that easy to get rid of it, and your options include resetting Safari completely, ultimately wiping out all your saved data, or quit using the browser and use an alternative like Chrome or Firefox instead.

The Safari browser window can’t be closed easily because the two bogus messages, and a force quit of Safari — which most Mac users don’t know how to do — will simply bring it right back when you open Safari again, because it will use the restore-from-crash feature. There are only four options to remove this.

First, Segura writes, you could close the page 150 times, each time clicking Leave Page when Safari asks you to confirm. That’s because the Javascript that makes up FBI ransomware spawns 150 iframes (layers in a web page) dynamically. Or you could reset Safari from the Safari menu — which will wipe all your history, saved names and passwords, autofill text, and more. Or you could simply quit Safari and start using Chrome or Firefox.

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“If you’re using Chrome on a Mac, the chances of getting infected are almost nil,” Segura told me. “Chrome is usually safer because it’s a browser that’s been built with security in mind. There have been multiple contests targeting browser software, and Chrome has rarely ever failed.”

Source: http://blog.malwarebytes.org/intelligence/2013/07/fbi-ransomware-now-targeting-apples-mac-os-x-users/

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