Roguekiller usage instructions

By | mei 7, 2013
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Roguekiller developed by Tigzy is an advanced malware removal utility designed for removing rogueware, ransomware and rootkits like ZeroAccess and TDSS familiy’s. When you start Roguekiller it will perform a “prescan” which can stop malicious processes and services. It does not delete or modify anything from your computer.
After that Roguekiller will display the EULA with the terms of use, when you accepted te EULA you wil see a lot of options on the main screen, if you don’t know how to use please be aware that wrong usage can cause a unrecoverable damage.

Important! By 64 bit operating systems the “driver” icon in the top of the right corner shall not turn to green because the driver cannot be loaded on x64 machines. With 32 bit systems (x86) it will turn to green.

Below the red square you will see the scan button, whit this scan it will list al the malicious modifications or problems that Roguekiller detects, with this scan is will not modify the system or deleting items. When the scan is finished the results are available in a report by clicking on the Report button. The log with the results will be also saved on the desktop as well.

Roguekiller usage instructions

  • Download Roguekiller from one of the links below to your dekstop.
    RogueKiller.exe (mirror)
  • Double click on RogueKiller.exe to start this malware removal utility it will start automatically the prescan, this should take only a few seconds to complete.
  • After the prescan is finished  click on the Start button to perform a full system scan.


  • When the scan has completed, you can press the Delete button to remove the detected items and registry keys they found by Roguekiller

Roguekiller - Scan

  • If RogueKiller detects malicious Registry entries, you can delete them by clicking the Registry tab and clicking the Delete button. Please check each registry entry before deleting it.

The official tutorial of Roguekiller can be found here >

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