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Mandiant USA Cyber Security Ransomware Removal Instructions

Mandiant USA Cyber Security Ransomware

The Mandiant USA Cyber Security Ransomware from the Urausy family is a very common computer infection that will completely lock you out from accessing your computer until you pay the $300 fine within 48 hours to the malwarewriters (cybercriminals). The “Mandiant USA Cyber Security” ransomware pretends to be a lock screen placed on your computer by Mandiant, the FBI, USA Cyber Crime Center, Department of Justice, and Interpol that states that… Read More »

PUM.UserWLoad – Trojan.Ransom removal instructions

PUM.UserWLoad - Trojan.Ransom

PUM.UserWLoad is a difficult to remove remnant of the Trojan.Ransom infection. PUM.UserWLoad is a register reference which the permissions are modified so that they can not be removed in the normal way. When you run a scan with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and over again the same items are detected, when PUM.UserWLoad and Trojan.Ransom should be deleted on restart then will have to be removed in a different way. PUM.UserWLoad is the malicious… Read More »

DOJ Moneypak virus removal guide

DOJ Moneypak virus

The DOJ Moneypak virus is a computer infection that belongs to ransomware and displays a fake notification that pretends to be from Department of Justice and does not allow you to access your computer until you pay the ransom by MoneyPak. Don’t pay, because you will send the money directrly to the cybercriminals ans your computer will not be unlocked, and your computer is still infected after paying. This virus also… Read More »