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Conduit Search virus (Removal Guide)

Conduit Search virus (Removal Guide)

Conduit Search or search.conduit.com is technically not a virus. But many users have no idea where Conduit Search did come from, so it’s not surprising at all that most of them assume that it is a virus. Conduit is a malicious search engine bundled with free software that primarily installs to your computer with or without your knowledge, and once installed it will add the Conduit Toolbar to your browser, and change… Read More »

MediaGet Toolbar – search.conduit.com removal guide

MediaGet Toolbar - search.conduit.com

Search.conduit.com is a part of MediaGet Toolbar and a malicious browser hijacker, which is promoted via free software that is spread via wrappers, and once MediaGet Toolbar is installed it will add the MediaGet Toolbar, to Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome and will change your browser homepage to search.conduit.com, and set your default search engine to search.conduit.com. The search.conduit.com / MediaGet will display annoying advertisements and sponsored links in your search results of your browser,… Read More »