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Policajneho Zboru ransomware removal guide

Policajneho Zboru ransomware

The Policajneho Zboru ransomware, “Útvar Osobitného Určenia” – “Kriminalistický a Expertizny Ústav” – “olicajneho Zboru” also known as the Policia Virus or Moneypak/FBI Virus is one of the most common malware infections around the world. This variant of the Trojan-Ransom.Win32.Urausy of Slovakia with a picture of Ivan Gašparovič that pretends to be from the Policajneho Zboru, Útvar Osobitného Určenia, Kriminalistický a Expertizny Ústav, olicajneho Zboru and Europol. When your computer is locked, and… Read More »